Cristian Guzman traded to Texas Rangers? Confirmed

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Cristian Guzman Traded - Texas RangersTwitter is buzzing and the Washington Post is reporting that there is more Texas Rangers news, 2B/SS Cristian Guzman is heading to Texas. The Rangers traded prospects to the Washington Nationals for the veteran infielder. There are no more details yet on the trade, and we will update this post when we here more details on the Texas Ranger’s Cristian Guzman trade.

Washington Post Articte: Cristian Guzman Traded to Texas Rangers
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Jorge Cantu traded to the Rangers? Confirmed

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Jorge Cantu traded to Texas Rangers**The Jorge Cantu Trade has been confirmed.**

It looks like the Jorge Cantu rumor is getting closer to being true. If  Jorge Cantu is coming, you can forget about Prince Fielder. I like this deal better, because we don’t have to give up the farm to get Cantu. In the Cantu deal the Texas Rangers are supposedly giving up to AA minor league pitchers for Jorge Cantu, at this point it is not confirmed. Rumor is that the Rangers will only be picking up very little if any of his salary. However Jorge Cantu is still in the game for the Marlins so this might be some BS, however this post will be updated as more information is available.


    Ken Rosenthal’s Tweet

  • #Marlins’ return for Cantu will be Double A RHP Evan Reed & Double A RHP Omar Poveda, who is on DL recovering from TJ surgery. #Rangers #MLB
  • Other Tweets

  • “The Marlins will obtain AA righties Evan Reed and Omar Poveda from the Rangers for Jorge Cantu” Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports @560wqam

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Dallas Cowboys Update: Dez Bryant Making Waves

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As long as there has been sports betting in the NFL, there has been rookie initiations. It is usually harmless stuff like singing in a rookie talent show, cleaning up the cafeteria after lunch or carrying a veteran receiver’s pads after practice. While the NFL betting world is excited that Dez Bryant finally signed a five-year, $11.8 million dollar contract to get him officially into training camp, some of the Cowboy veteran players are not happy with Bryant.

After a practice last week, Dez Bryant refused to carry the pads of veteran wide receiver Roy Williams. Bryant said he was drafted to win football games and not carry pads. Williams said that actions like the one taken by Bryant sometimes result in retaliation by the team veterans. The fact of the matter is that Bryant is competing with Williams for the second or third wide receiver job, and it may be Williams that is carrying Bryant’s shoulder pads before long.

In other Dez Bryant news, the rookie receiver has been showing up to the practice field wearing Nike apparel. Normally that would not be a big deal, except for the fact that Bryant was sponsored by Under Armour. Because of his apparel preference, Under Armour decided to drop Bryant as a paid endorser. According to Nike, Bryant is not under contract with the company in any capacity.

As the NCAA football betting season approaches, it makes football fans wonder how far NFL players leave their college days behind them. Apparently third-year tight end Martellus Bennett is having a difficult time leaving his younger years in the past. Recently, some nude photos of Bennett have surfaced on the Internet. Bennett says they were taken while he was in college, and were kept by a former girlfriend. It is believed that the ex-girlfriend released the photos. Bennett apologized, and the Cowboys have only said that they are dealing with the issue internally.

The Cowboys put a small monkey wrench into the NFL preseason betting when they did not bring any experienced field goal kickers into camp. The team drafted a kicker, and then gave kick-off specialist David Buehler the chance to be the full-time field goal kicker. Cowboy fans held their collective breath as field goal kicking problems hurt the Cowboys last season. It seems that Buehler is on track to be the field goal kicker, and is progressing well. Word out of Cowboys’ camp is that the kicking job is Buehler’s to lose.

Quarterback Tony Romo is a three time NFL all-star, and now he has also won a game in the playoffs. But Romo is not taking anything for granted. He recently spoke to reporters and said that he not only expects to be a Super Bowl champion, it is something that he knows he needs to do to erase mistakes of the past and push him to a higher status among NFL quarterbacks. Romo’s confidence is growing, and with a potent running game behind him and talented receivers to throw to, Romo could be holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of this season.

Maverick’s Off Season Moves Smart, Strategic

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Dallas Mavericks Old Logo - ThrowbackThis year’s NBA free agency made a big splash, mostly in South Beach. While other teams made high profile moves and Lebron James broadcasted his decision on prime television, the Mavericks acquisitions were expected and relatively quiet.

They managed to keep Dirk Nowitzki at a discounted rate and they re-signed center Brendan Haywood. In typical Maverick fashion, they also traded away Eric Dampier for center Tyson Chandler from the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Mavericks moves also received their fare share of criticism. Everyone expected them to keep Dirk, but many felt Brendan Haywood was overpaid. Their have also been questions about Tyson Chandler’s health status. Despite all this, the Maverick’s free agency was both smart and strategic. Read more

Texas Rangers Lead the West, Cowboys WR Dez Bryant

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Dallas Round-Up – Rangers Extending Lead In West; Cowboys, Bryant Hope To Avoid Holdout

College football betting online is about to get started, but until then, check out the Texas Rangers’ quest for the American League West, and things are looking good for them right now
(on the field, anyway).  Elsewhere in NFL news, the Dallas Cowboys have begun talks to try and avoid a Michael Crabtree situation.

Texas Rangers

Heading into Thursday’s opener of a massive four-game series at home against the rival Los Angeles Angels, the Rangers were five games ahead of the Angels in the West after a pair of series wins.  First, the Rangers proved they could win on the road by taking three of four against the Red Sox in Boston’s venerable Fenway Park, and they rode a 4-2 win in the Boston finale into a two-game romp in Detroit, outscoring the Tigers 16-6 in the first two of the series before falling 4-1 in the final game.  Benji Molina and Ian Kinsler both nailed a couple of homers for the Rangers, who are boosting their MLB betting odds with each win, while Nelson Cruz hit .438 with 11 RBIs over the week for the Rangers.  On the pitching side, young Tommy Hunter continues to dazzle, going 2-0 with a 1.32 ERA in 13.2 innings of work, and the 24-year-old righthander is now 7-0 in nine starts with a 2.09 ERA this season.  Cliff Lee is still looking for his first win for the Rangers since coming over from Seattle, but he’s gone nine innings in each of his starts so far, and he was unlucky to earn a no-decision in an extra-inning loss in Boston last week.  Lee will be on the mound this Thursday against the Angels in search of that elusive win.

Dallas Cowboys

NFL football betting players can practically taste the beginning of the season as camps are almost here, and rosters are becoming a bit clearer.  The Cowboys are hoping that their first-round draft pick will be a part of it all as they’ve begun contract talks with Dez Bryant, the talented but apparently troubled receiver that many are calling the next Michael Irvin.  Bryant would do well to look at the situation of San Francisco’s Michael Crabtree, who played with Texas Tech while Bryant was at Oklahoma State, another Big 12 school.  Crabtree held out for all of camp and the first five weeks of the season in 2009 because he thought he should have been drafted higher, yet wanted more money.  Crabtree was playing catch-up all season, and it was only at the end of the year that we were starting to see how special he could be.  Jerry Jones isn’t shy about splashing around money, so we think this situation will be sorted, and you can bet on Bryant in your best online sportsbook to win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Dallas Cowboys Update

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The sports betting world is dying to find out how wide receiver Dez Bryant, the Cowboys’ first round pick and 24th overall, will affect the Cowboys defense when the 2010 season kicks off. But before Bryant can put the NCAA football betting world behind him and become a factor in NFL betting, he needs a contract.

The Cowboys and Bryant have said all along that they both hope the contract negotiation process is quick and simple, but so far there has been no indication of how things have been going. The talks just started this week, and Bryant still hopes to be under contract when the Cowboys open training camp later this month.

There has also been discussion in Cowboys camp about how to play Dez Bryant on special teams. All rookie wide receivers in the NFL do their time on special teams. Some, like Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears, make their name in special teams and then move over to playing on the first team offense. Bryant might be on the fast path to being a first-team wide receiver, but it looks like his fast path will go through returning punts in the special teams before he can make his mark as a receiver.

The Cowboys have already signed many of their 2010 draft picks, and are ready to get the rest under contract. The most recent player that will be betting on NFL preseason playing time to get him a roster spot is fourth-round pick, defensive back Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. However, it could be some time before Owusu-Ansah joins the team at training camp as he is still recovering from summer shoulder surgery.

Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach has waved his hand over the 2010 team and said it is good. Now Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith has also chimed in on the Cowboys’ chances at getting to Super Bowl XLV, and the all-time rushing leader thinks the Cowboys have what it takes to go all the way. Smith was quoted as saying that this Cowboys team reminds him of the 1991-1992 team that won the Super Bowl.

The NFL supplemental draft was held last week, and the Cowboys relented their seventh round pick in the 2011 NFL draft by choosing defensive end Josh Bent-Price in the supplemental draft. Bent-Price is adept at getting into the opposing backfield, and he will be competing for a roster spot in this year’s Cowboys training camp.

The Dallas Cowboys had a franchise moment at the end of the regular season in 2009, and it almost went unnoticed. When the Cowboys won their last three regular season games in the 2009 season, it pushed the franchise’s all-time winning percentage to .580. That mark is just a tick above the Dolphins’ all-time winning percentage at .579. So now the Cowboys feel they are protecting the legacy of their franchise and fighting for the right to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium this season.

Dallas Cowboys 2010 Preseason Schedule

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The Dallas Cowboys 2010 Preseason is approaching fast and even though the Texas Rangers have kept us entertained through these summer months this is Texas, and Texans Crave Football. It has been so long since you have had the chance to view live Cowboys NFL Football that you might actually be tempted to watch some of the preseason games. Some of your friends might make fun of you, but I won’t. I miss the boys too, so much so that you know that I will be watching the 2010 Dallas Cowboys Preseason games, well at least the beginning of them.

    Dallas Cowboys 2010 Preseason Schedule, Tickets, Kickoff & Parking Information

  • Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals – Hall of Fame Game
    Day / Date: Sunday – August 8, 2010
    Kickoff: 7:00PM Central Time
    TV Channel: NBC

    Cowboys 2010 Preseason Tickets on!

  • Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders
    Day / Date: Thursday – August 12, 2010
    Kickoff: 8:00PM Central Time
    TV Channel: KTVT
    Cowboys Stadium Parking Information
  • Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers
    Day / Date: Saturday – August 21, 2010
    Kickoff: 8:00PM Central Time
    TV Channel: KTVT
  • Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans
    Day / Date: Saturday – August 28, 2010
    Kickoff: 7:00PM Central Time
    TV Channel: CBS

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  • Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins
    Day / Date: Thursday – September 2, 2010
    Kickoff: 7:00PM Central Time
    TV Channel: KTVT
    Cowboys Stadium Parking Information

Dallas Mavericks Get Tyson Chandler

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1310 the Ticket has just reported the Dallas Mavericks moved Erik Dampier, Eddie Najera and Matt Carroll to the Charlotte Bobcats and will get back Tyson Chandler and Alex Ajinca. If this deal gets confirmed I believe the Mavericks made a great move getting rid of three spare parts for an athletic center in Tyson Chandler. Chandler has had some injury problems over the last couple seasons, but when he is healthy he will add another long athletic body behind Brendan Haywood, helping solve one of the Mavericks long standing problem.

More to come when this deal is confirmed.

Dallas Cowboys Update: The Collapse that Will Not Go Away

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Dallas Cowboys Update: The Collapse that Will Not Go Away

Tony Romo’s collapse in the playoffs two years ago is starting to be wiped away by time, but the collapse of the Cowboys’ practice facility at the beginning of last season lingers on. The sports betting world may not remember who long-snapper Jamar Hunt is, but Summit Structures LLC and Cover-All Building Systems will never be able to forget him.

Before the NFL betting world had a chance to get to know Hunt, his career was ended by his neck injury in the practice facility collapse. If Hunt had league experience then his injury may not have been career-ending, but a rookie with an injury like this is rarely given a chance to continue his career.

Companies owned by Jerry Jones that inspected the facility several times are also named in the suit, but the Jones companies are also suing Summit Structures LLC and Cover-All Building Systems. Until those lawsuits are straightened out, Hunt will have to wait to get his money from Jerry Jones.

Dez Bryant was a major part of NCAA football betting during his college playing days, and as the season draws closer he is looking to have an effect on NFL preseason betting as well. The newest rumblings coming out of Valley Ranch is that the young receivers such as Bryant, Miles Austin and now Patrick Crayton are looking so impressive that veteran receiver Roy Williams should be let go before the season starts. Williams is ignoring the rumors, and continues to work out with the first team offense.

Former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens is still without a team for the 2010 season and now he is blaming ESPN. Owens recently said that the media’s desire to focus on the negative things he has done, especially ESPN, has given him a bad reputation with NFL teams and that is why he is not signed yet. Owens has neglected to point out the fact that ESPN is only reporting the things he does, and if he would stop causing problems then he may not have this reputation.

The Cowboys are giving every impression that rookie offensive lineman Doug Free will be the one to replace the departed Flozell Adams at left tackle. Free has been getting all of the first team snaps in practice, and he is scheduled to be the left tackle that starts the first pre-season game.

The Cowboys remain optimistic about their chances at winning Super Bowl XLV in their own stadium this season, and it looks like the odds makers may be agreeing with Jerry Jones and his team. The Cowboys are 12-1 favorites to win the Super Bowl, and the only NFC team given better odds is the defending champion New Orleans Saints at 10-1. The odds-on favorite to win it all in 2011 remains the Indianapolis Colts at 13-2, but the Cowboys are saying they will accept nothing less than a Super Bowl victory for the 2010 season. The other teams given better odds at winning the Super Bowl than the Cowboys include the San Diego Chargers (8-1) and the New England Patriots (10-1).

It’s Already Been a Busy Off-Season For the Dallas Stars

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The Dallas Stars, last season, were a disappointing 12th in the Western Conference. Inconsistency plagued the team as, late in the year, their playoff dreams faded fast.

When a team misses the playoffs, the main job for the GM is to bring in players or coaches that will help the team have a better shot at making the playoffs next season. What makes it worse for Dallas is they have very limited cap room, and were expected to be fairly silent during free agency.

Surprisingly, the Stars signed ex-Blackahawk Adam Burish to a $1.15 million contract as well as Andrew Raycroft to a $700,000 contract. The signings brought the Stars closer to the magic numer of $45 million, leaving people to wonder if there is anymore wiggle room for restricted free agents Nicklas Grossman, Matt Niskanen, and James Neal.

The signing of Raycroft is a very smart one. His contract is structured so he could either be sent to the AHL and be paid only $105,000 instead of the $750,000 if he’s in the NHL. That’s only in the first year though.

With Marty Turco testing free agency, the Stars’ number one goaltender is Kari Lehtonen. Raycroft has the chance to beat out Brent Hrahn for the back job behind Lehtonen, but if he doesn’t he’ll be a fine fit in the minors.

Already the Stars are making some moves that, their GM, Joe Nieuwendyk, makes them “tough to play against.” Signing Burish is a great step in achieving that.

Burish doesn’t get you a lot of points, but he brings a lot of energy and toughness to the ice. He’s not afraid to come up with a huge check, or even drop the gloves.

Many questions still linger over what will be the outcome of the restricted free agents, Grossman, Niskanen, and Neal .

Neal has a very good chance of receiving an offer sheet. Nieuwendyk said he and his team are prepared if it comes to that. The Stars would be able to match any offer sheet, but who’s to say the offer becomes too expensive for the Stars to match?

“We’re not afraid of an offer sheet,” Nieuwendyk said. “I think that threat has been there. We can’t conduct how we want to put the team together in the fear of an offer sheet being thrown at us. James Neal we fully anticipate will be on our team and that’s what we’re looking at.”

Those restricted free agents will remain the main component of the Stars’ off-season signings. They’ve managed to surprise a lot of people by singing a few free agents, but I am almost positive it stops with them. The cap room has to be tightening.

By trying to build a “tougher” team, the Stars and their staff are attempting to bring some hope into the franchise and its fans. It’ll be interesting to see if it works out as planned next season.

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