Beware of D-Ware: Dallas Cowboys beat New Orleans Saints 24-17

December 20, 2009 by

Just when I thought I waDallas Cowboys Stadium - Tony Romo - Flozell Adamss out, they pull me back in.

An INNNNNNNNNNN-credible win tonight by the Dallas Cowboys. One of the best games I can remember. At the end of course. Not exactly when Nick Folk missed that field goal and ended his career, but at the end, that feeling of euphoria was unlike any feeling after a Cowboys game since maybe the Bills game in 2007.

DeMarcus Ware. Most important athlete in the Metroplex except for maybe Dirk. But tonight was a performance that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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The whole defense played extremely well. To hold this New Orleans Saints team to less than a touchdown for the first three quarters was spectacular. Yes, the Saints scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Devery Henderson dropped a sure touchdown in the third quarter. But this team made the play at the end. DeMarcus Ware forces two fumbles, one on the last drive, and the Dallas Cowboys get the jobAnthony Spencer Dallas Cowboys done.

Anthony Spencer had a fantastic game. A couple sacks, and another called back because of a really dumb penalty on Orlando Scandrick. With him and Ware and Ratliff, that is a defensive line that will wreak havoc on just about anyone.

Mike Jenkins, right now, is a Pro Bowl cornerback. Another interception today, and very strong play throughout the game. It is incredible how far he has come since the beginning of last season. There was serious talk before the season that Scandrick might be the superior cornerback. Now, there’s no question that Jenkins is the best cornerback on the Dallas Cowboys, and one of the best in the NFL.

I will put the Dallas Cowboys defense up right now against any offense in the NFL. No matter who or where, I think this defense gives the Cowboys a chTony Romo- Calling a Play or Picking a Victim?ance to win every game.

Tony Romo has fully regained his Jedi status. That was one of the finest performances him have. Romo was cool and confident, making every play that he could to help his team to victory. Only one missed throw sticks out right now – A ball at Miles Austin’s feet that could have given the team a first down in the first half. But a majority of the incompletions that went on Romo’s ledger tonight were drops from his teammates.

Speaking of which, Roy Williams was almost invisible tonight. I’m pretty sure he made a play on the first drive, but other than that, I can’t remember him even being targeted except for that fourth quarter slant that he dropped. I don’t know what the team needs to do to get him into a rhythm or contributing, but they’ve got to do something. I feel better with Romo getting the ball to Kevin Ogletree or Sam Hurd. Heck, even John Phillips had three or four catches!

Great game by Miles Austin though. When the Dallas Cowboys need a big catch, I’m pretty sure I know who they’re going to.

Nick Folk Missed Field GoalI’m not going to say that much about Nick Folk. He made some great kicks for this team the past couple years, but he clearly does not have “it” any more. When you are an NFL kicker, you cannot miss a 24-yard field goal. Period. Forget the kick being straight on and inside. That kick must be made in all locations and under all conditions. No excuses. But thanks for the memories Nick Folk – hope you find another good gig.

What is the ceiling for this team? I’m not sure. What will happen? That’s anyone’s guess. I’m pretty sure not even Miss Cleo could figure out what’s going to happen with the Dallas Cowboys. But they can beat anyone. This game, at the very least, proved that.

Bring on the Redskins.

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