Texas Rangers Spotlight: CJ Wilson

May 3, 2010 by

CJ Wilson - Texas Rangers SPBefore the 2010 season started everyone expected Scott Feldman and Rich Harden to carry the load for the Texas Rangers starting pitchers. However the Rangers two most dominant starting pitchers didn’t start a single game last year. CJ Wilson was the Texas Rangers setup man and part time closer last year and everyone was shocked when we heard that he would be in the starting rotation this year. The other starting pitcher that has been getting the job done for the Texas Rangers has been Colby Lewis, who pitched in Japan last year. Below you will find a spotlight on the Texas Rangers starting pitcher CJ Wilson that will include stats, twitter, and other interesting facts.

CJ Wilson Bio:

CJ Wilson was born in Newport Beach, California on November 18, 1980 and graduated Fountain Valley High School in 1998. Wilson also attended Santa Ana Junior College and Loyola Marymount University before turning professional after being drafted by the Texas Rangers 141st overall in the 2001 MLB Draft. Wilson moved his way up through the Texas Rangers minor league system before making his debut with the Rangers on June 10, 2005. CJ Wilson does have a verified twitter account and website, and you can check them out here:

CJ Wilson Twitter & Website Information
CJ Wilson on Twitter: @str8edgeracer
CJ WIlson Website:

CJ Wilson Stats
CJ Wilson is a left handed pitcher and throws a fastball, hard sinker, slider, and changeup. You will find CJ Wilson’s 2010 stats through 5 starts below, click for CJ Wilson Career Stats.

CJ Wilson Stats through 5 starts:
Record: 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 2 No Decision
ERA: 1.65
K’s: 25
Walks: 13
Whip: 1.19

CJ Wilson Interesting Facts
CJ Wilson lives what is called the straight edge way of life, meaning that he does not drink alcohol, take illegal substances, or practice in promiscuous sex. Wilson also has several tatoos on his body that represent his straight edge way of life. You can find out more about this and his ability to throw the gyroball on his wikipedia page (CJ Wilson on Wikipedia)

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